11 April 2006

Resources on Migrant Workers

Pendatang tanpa izin Indonesia di Malaysia: Suatu eksploitasi tenaga pekerja di Asia Tenggara, Hidayat Purnama, September 2002

Migrant Labour in Southeast Asia, Country Study: Singapore, Dr. Nicola Piper, Asia Research Institute, National University of Singapore

Pinoy Abroad: Philippines - A Filipino guide to live, study and work abroad - overseas jobs and immigration procedures, cultural and educational exchange

The Philippines' Republic Act No. 8042 [download .doc — 92K]

World Bank. January 2006. Migration, Remittance and Female Migrant Workers.

Carunia Firdausy. June 2005. Trends, Issues and Policies towards International Labor Migration: an Indonesian Case Study. United Nations Expert Group Meeting on International Migration and Development. New York, 6-8 July 2005.

Sukam, Abdul Haris, Patrick Brownlee, 2001. Labour Migration in Indonesia: Policies and Practices. Population Studies Center Gadjah Mada University

Aswatini Raharto. 2002. Indonesian Female Labour Migrats: Experiences Working Overseas (A Case Study Among Returned Migrants in West Java). Published by IUSSP. PDFfile Download 102 K.

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