18 April 2006


Caption: Indonesian migrant domestic workers gathered in their hometown to discuss their future plans to fight for their rights.


None among receiving countries for migrant workers have ratified the convention of protecting migrant workers, including the United State of America and the member countries of European Union.

Therefore, we call

on all countries:

  • to recognize migrant workers’ rights as basic human rights by ratifying and implementing all international legal instruments that promote and protect the rights of migrant workers,
  • to recognize the rights of migrant domestic workers in their respective employment laws, either in receiving or sending countries of migrant domestic workers
  • to review and improve all migration laws and policies that discriminate migrant workers and undermine their rights
  • to enhance the capacity and the opportunity of women migrant workers toward employment
  • to rehabilitate and compensate the victims of abuse against migrant workers’ rights.

on sending countries of migrant workers:
  • to boost teamwork and cooperation and create solidarity in order to bargain position with the receiving countries of migrant workers

on all international organizations for human rights:
  • to support migrant workers in organizing themselves to fight for their rights.

Basic rights of migrant domestic workers that should be protected and fulfilled:

  • to be paid of national minimum wage
  • to work not more than 10 hours per day
  • to sleep enough at least eight hours daily
  • to health and safety protection
  • to holiday at least one day each month
  • to limitation of work responsibility
  • to eat enough at least three times daily
  • to have proper accommodation facilities
  • to worship
  • and to organize.

Institute for Ecosoc Rights
Tebet Timur Dalam VI-C/17
Jakarta 12820 INDONESIA
Ph./Fax: 62-21-830 4153
Email: ecosoc@cbn.net.id; ecosocrights@gmail.com

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