28 June 2006

Dear ICCP and moengoet ..

THANKS a lot for your message and encouragement you posted at the wdcreezz shoutbox somewhere on the lower right part of this page. We address this response particularly to ICCP who asks for more information about that child or may be also other similar children suffering malnutrition. Our researcher in contact with Emeritus gets the information from local research partner from Community Development (CD) Bethesda Hospital that boosts "Hospital without Walls" programs in East Sumba. The programs also develop field works in West Sumba whose children condition is apparently much worse. We hope to unveil some more information about those children later.

As for Emeritus himself, he still remains in the same condition. We hope that he would be healed soon. Our contact from East Sumba confirms his precarious condition. And actually there are many children suffering similar condition in his neighborhood in Mauliru village at the Waingapu suburb. We believe that in his neighborhood there are some more dozens kids suffering from malnutrition. We draw your attention, for the time being and as far as our research is concerned, that the still much prevailing reason for such hunger phenomenon is the public policy failure of agricultural change transition process from dry land in which most local people eat corns into wet land in order to produce rice. This is hardly the case for East Nusa Tenggara, which many now have had dry land cultivation. Who should be held responsible then? Is it specifically the people to blame, even though they had agreed to such policy changes early 1990s?

If you really wish to have more information about those children in Mailiru, we suggest you to contact CD Betesda's outreach officials in Waingapu, East Sumba. Our researcher has the notes originating from the Posyandu contact person from the village. However, for the time being, while our research is still on going process, we would prefer to have you also linked with our contacts there. If you wish, any way. We are currently still conducting research on malnutrition phenomenon in East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) and we will inform the public about our final findings later. You may have to wait until the research's schedule is over. It would not be later than late this year .

Actually, you may have statistical data from the local district government, or even directly to the posyandu contact persons. However, if you want to have more detailed about each child, you have to go to find them. Our research partners may be helpful for your interest. As our research moves on, we believe that such a comprehensive information about those children would demand you also to consider different necessary ascpects, particulary as far as it is related to how to help them. It is much helpful for those children to combine correct information and aids for them, otherwise the information would create more harm than good. We believe that the communities themselves have their say in tackling such problems. Indeed, there are some sensitive aspects --that you should also note-- of links with posyandu contact persons, the puskesmas, other government officials, and health NGOs working the area. In short, correct approach is needed.

Therefore, before we approach our contact in East Sumba and perhaps also those in other districts whom we are working with in the province, it is surely good if you mention some more of your interests and institutional backgrounds that we may have more reasons to have our contact's better response.

Looking forward to your response.


The Institute for Ecosoc Rights

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